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What is Dump Truck Insurance

It is a type of speciality insurance that protects trucking companies that employ dump trucks for the transportation of loose materials such as dirt and sand as well as sand and gravel as well as asphalt. There are a number of obstacles for businesses that use dump trucks, which are categorized as heavy-duty commercial vehicles due to their size and design. More than 55,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight is required for large dump trucks such as Mack, Ford, Freightliner and Peterbilt. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of a tractor-towed dump truck can exceed 80,000 pounds.

Coast Transport Insurance Service, a prominent dump trucking insurance specialist in the United States, is well-versed in the peculiar insurance issues that dump trucking companies confront. Regardless matter whether you operate a single truck, a small owner-operator firm, or a large fleet of 40 dump trucks, our insurance specialists can craft a policy to meet your specific needs. Our rates are some of the most competitive in the industry since we have access to many of the nation’s finest providers of commercial truck insurance.


Dump trucks, as opposed to other commercial vehicles, are often designed for off-road or construction site use. Therefore, dump trucks are generally engineered to withstand or avoid collisions and overturns. In construction and roadwork zones, dump trucks are more likely to be involved in back-up accidents and overturns than other commercial vehicles. There are two scenarios in which you’ll need to have enough liability limits and physical damage coverage:

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  1. Primary Liability — covers injuries or damage to other people or property if you’re involved in an at-fault accident.
  2. Physical Damage — coverage for your truck and trailer in an event of collision, theft, overturn, fire, vandalism, flood and other perils.
  3. Medical Payments or Personal Injury Protection — pays medical and other expenses expenses to driver and the passengers in your vehicle who are injured during an accident, regardless of fault.
  4. Downtime — you can add downtime coverage to your physical damage policy to give you added protection against lost income if you have a covered loss. Downtime coverage can help you keep your truck payment and other bills current if a covered loss renders your vehicle inoperable for an extended period of time. Most of our carriers offer downtime limits of $100 per day up to 35 days, subject to policy limitations.
  5. Loan or Lease Gap — sometimes trucks and trailers depreciate faster than the equipment financed value. Loan or lease gap coverage can help assure that a total vehicle loss does not leave you “upside down” on your loan or lease.
  6. Truck Rental Reimbursement — having a collision or comprehensive loss doesn’t mean you have to stop working. When you add truck rental reimbursement coverage to your physical damage policy you can rent a replacement truck and trailer and receive reimbursement for a large part of the rental cost.

Common dump truck insurance questions

A truck insurance premium is determined by a variety of things. This includes, to mention a few, the kind of vehicle, the storage location, the radius, the age of the driver, the driving record, the value of the truck, and the dot history. Contacting an agent is the simplest approach to find out how much insurance could cost. Even if you don't have a work lined up, a skilled truck insurance agent should be able to offer you a ballpark figure.

Dump truck insurance falls under the category of commercial auto insurance. To be deemed lawful, most jurisdictions need a minimum auto liability coverage of $750,000. Other coverages are available, and your broker may be required you to provide them. Truckers general liability, physical damage coverage on a non-owned trailer, and motor truck cargo coverage are examples of such coverage.

Insurance for dump trucks can be very pricey because of all the damage they can do. 2,000 to 4,000 pounds is the weight of an average car. A dump truck, for example, can weigh up to 40,000 + pounds.

States require truck drivers to carry a minimum of $750,000CSL in case the worse case happens.

Recommended coverages for dump truck insurance

We can tailor a dump truck insurance package to your needs, anything from liability only to get you on the road, to full coverage.

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Almost every commercial vehicle on the road may be insured by us. Here are some of the most common. To inquire about our business class options, please contact us.

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